The Business Model Behind Our Business

In the beginning, there were butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

Image showing butchers, bakers and candlestick makers

People lived in villages, had a role to play and learned their skills through apprenticeships and family businesses.

Everyone was a entrepreneur - they had to be - but their prospects were limited by the society they lived in.

Work was craft - we had control over what we did and didn't need to work with anyone else to create value.

Then the Industrial Revolution happened

Grid showing faces stuck in pegs

Machines started to be used to make things.

Our jobs became ones where we tended and fed the machines that did the work.

And that needed us to become more specialised - learn how to turn levers and check dials and keep the machines operating round the clock.

It also created a new way of managing businesses - one which had employees instead of independent craftspeople, and created roles, jobs and all the things we associate with modern work.

We became cogs in the machine.

The next workplace revolution is made up of networks

Rich picture showing Network of organisations

Machines are no longer the dominant model - we are moving to a world of networks.

Organisations now create value by creating networks - between people, technology and systems.

An organisation that wants to grow will work inside a regulatory and public vision, have a social purpose and engage with the third sector, link to universities AND be efficient and commercial.

We're trying to create the third kind of working experience

You can access a much wider range of capability and experience if you are willing to work with people in a network - getting the best people to come together and move a project on.

Our approach is to partner with clients and suppliers to solve business problems by applying our collective knowledge and creativity.

We feel that is the best way to work with others and create sustainable business in the future.

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