What's The Best Way To Introduce Ourselves?

Person knocking on a door

Is It To Use The Way You've Asked For?

If you're reading this you've probably followed a link from an introductory email.

Being ethical in the way we approach people has always been important - but in these days of GDPR it's a legal rquirement as well.

So, it makes sense to use the information you provide to contact you to see if there is an opportunity for us to work together.

I've learned over the last two years of writing every day that it's not sales talk and long words you're interested in.

Instead, it's to grow your business and manage the things that are important to you.

As a management consultantancy there are two ways we can help businesses -

  1. We can help them innovate.
  2. We can help them market yourself.

These two activities add value. Everything else is a cost - according to the management writer Peter Drucker.

Of course, you can innovate in the way you manage costs as well.

The other thing that's interesting about business is that we're swimming in data.

It's easier than ever to find prospects and businesses you'd like to work with.

The challenge is getting them to listen to you because they're really busy with day to day work.

You have to start somewhere, though...

And the politest way to start, it seems to me, is to use the contact details they've asked you to use.

So, that is why you got that email.

We're interested in finding partners we can do business with and reached out to you using the details you've provided.

Hopefully that's ok and if you're open to a conversation you'll let us know and we can take things forward.

If you have any questions please email us at info@jayamony.co.uk