Why Is This Website So Basic?


Communication Not Art

Design is vital - it's what attracts you to something the first time you see it.

But really good design can also hide the fact that there is nothing of substance underneath it.

We thought that we'd keep these pages as simple as possible - focusing instead on trying to think as clearly as possible about what is important.

What's important to you, that is.

Are you looking for someone to help with strategy? With communication? With business development?

These are the kinds of things that are risky, cost money and are hard to set up and run.

And there is no best way to do them - no magic bullet that will make everything better.

Instead, you have to do the basics - research your market, segment them, figure out how to approach them and put in place the resources and components of a system to work with them.

If we can show you (and Google) that these are the kinds of things we have worked on before then you might be interested in talking to us.

Drop us an email at info@jayamony.co.uk