How To Make Prospecting Work For You


We all hate prospecting.

It's the worst part of marketing, having to make a cold introduction to someone you don't know, someone who is probably going to be irritated by your interruption and someone who is not going to be nice to you.

That's why having a thick skin is essential.

And the task can seem overwhelming at first.

Out of the 2 million companies in the UK which ones are likely to become your customers?

For example, our company is based in Sheffield.

Advertising agencies are the type of clients that need our services.

They have large amounts of data to process, stuff to read, articles to write - all the kinds of things we help do.

But which ones should we reach out to and how?

Well, there are over 14,000 companies in the UK that do advertising.

96 of them are based in Sheffield.

4 of those turn up in one particular search engine and have a company email that you can contact.

Still, a list of 96 is one you can work through more easily.

There are 4,497 in London.

What will being able to work out exactly who your prospects are do for your marketing efforts?

Isn't it better to have focus and clarity rather than hoping that someone will see an ad and reach out to you?

Or, can you do both?

We're engineers and marketers - so we'll try it out and stick with what works.

Because the thing about prospecting is that if you don't do it you can guarantee what result you'll get.