Management Consulting

The definition of a consultant: someone who borrows your watch, tells you the time and then charges you for the privilege. — Unknown

What does a Management Consultant Do?

Hopefully, we won't do that...

Instead, we'll help you solve business problems, become more productive and come up with more efficient ways to do things like marketing and how you select and use digital information systems.

We're based in Sheffield and London and work with large and small organisations on projects that they want to do but don't have the time or expertise to do in-house.

We like free and open-source technologies that get you powerful and cost-effective technology solutions while protecting your freedom to use and change things as you need.

At the same time, we'll help you make the most of commercially available software if that's the best option for your business.

Do you need support with any of the following areas of your business?

  1. Using Microsoft Excel more effectively for jobs from invoicing to financial modelling?
  2. Creating reports and dashboards?
  3. Automating repetitive and time consuming tasks?
  4. Creating sales support material, from presentations to proposals
  5. Copywriting services for websites, brochures, sales sheets and flyers
  6. Developing marketing material for online and offline use?
  7. Analysing data to improve and optimse marketing and operations activity?
  8. Evaluating and selecting Information Technology (IT) systems?
  9. Developing Information Systems to improve knowledge sharing?
  10. Creating useful, personalised and data-driven content for customers?
  11. Researching and obtaining market, competitor and customer information and intelligence?
  12. Developing strategies and tactics to grow your business?
  13. Producing a marketing plan?
  14. Automating information retrieval from websites?
  15. Moving to cloud services for documents and email?
  16. Developing a web or smartphone app?
  17. Writing white papers, blog posts and trade journal articles?
  18. Deploying an email and LinkedIn campaign?
  19. Developing and testing a new product or service?
  20. Producing infographics and animated images?
  21. Producing audio, video and mixed media content?
  22. Maintaining a digital asset management system?
  23. Translating and localising content?
  24. Building strategic sales and marketing channels with third party list owners?
  25. Building Business Plans and Business Cases?
  26. Using platforms like Upwork and Ebay to find contractors, reduce costs and increase sales?
  27. Writing compelling and persuasive sales copy?
  28. Setting up your business so you can delegate more and have more free time?
  29. Ramping up your presence and impact on social media?
  30. Pulling together highly targeted lists of prospects and contacts for marketing and sales?

To discuss how we can help you with any of these tasks or others you might have, please get in touch by email and we can go through what you need doing

Let's get in touch. Send us a message.